J Berger is a nerdy, socially awkward 15-year-old high school sophomore who is shy, cynical, and generally picked on by his peers, along with his two friends Miles Jenner and Lily Miran, who's madly in love with him, and frequently offers her body to him. RJ, however is in love with cheerleader Jenny Swanson, but he's been too shy to proclaim his love for her and is afraid of getting beat up by her boyfriend, Max Owens. When he is forced by Coach Jeriba Sinclair to replace some school basketball players at a game in exchange for the chance to continue skipping gym, RJ puts on a uniform that is much too big, causing him to miss a shot, his shorts and jock strap to fall off, and expose his abnormally large genitalia to the world, thereby making a notable impact on his social life.

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