s the guys try to decide what to do for the weekend, Jay convinces them to come to his parent's Caravan Club at Camber Sands as they are having a dance where there are plenty of girls willing to have sex. Simon and Neil go on the promise of possible sex, while Will goes, enduring what he envisions as the horrors of camper van life, primarily to prove Jay's stories of his sexual conquests there as total lies. Will sees this as a win-win situation as if by chance Jay's stories are true, Will will also get to have sex. As the guys spend the weekend with Jay's parents, they begin to understand their friend Jay's behavior a little better. At the dance, Simon is hoping to do it with Becky, a girl who Jay has purportedly slept with and who wants to spend time with Simon after seeing his photograph beforehand. And Will has what looks to be a sure thing with a punk goth girl who doesn't want any foreplay whatsoever. In the meantime, Neil seems content having his own fun until...

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