t's 1986 and Combo is out of prison following his near-fatal attack on Milky whilst Shaun leaves school certain of two things - he's failed his exams and his mother,Cynth,won't have bought him a scooter like his contemporaries have.Lol and Woody are getting married with catering courtesy of Meggy and flowers stolen from the graveyard by Gadget. However,at the registry office Woody gets cold feet, though the occasion is overshadowed by Meggy having a heart attack, The 'reception' takes place in his hospital room though a disgusted Lol spends more time confiding in Milky that she may have dated the wrong man. Shaun,hit over the head after a stunt to pull a girl by a bullying scooter rider goes wrong,turns up at casualty,thanks to Lol's estranged mother and her boyfriend Mick. He has his wound stitched but does not join the rest of the group.

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