fter Smell tells Woody and the gang she saw Shaun at the hospital they steal golf buggies to give him a rowdy serenade in the middle of the night and he returns to the fold.He gets a job at Mr. Sandhu's video rental shop but is appalled to find that he is Cynthia's new boy-friend when he catches them in bed and leaves home,sleeping in a toilet. Lol feels no happier. Reluctant to move into the filthy flat Woody has found them - where a junkie died and then putrefied - she returns home but is appalled that her mother has allowed Mick,who once apparently molested her,to come back. She confides in,and sleeps with,Milky,before going to Woody's flat. Gadge has a night of passion with the older single parent Trudy but is amazed to see that her little boy looks just like Meggy.

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