oming from different strata of society, Joo Won and Ra Im continue not seeing eye to eye in justifications behind Joo Won's actions. Specifically, Ra Im can't overlook Joo Won standing by as his mother brow beats her, and has problems with Joo Won's unapologetic stance in interfering with her personal/professional relationship with Jong-Su. As Oska points out, it may be just another day for Joo Won, but Ra Im will be reliving these instances the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Yeon-Hong thinks son Oska is getting too old to be strutting on the stage much longer and sides with Bong-Ho to remove Joo Won from his presidency in order to bump Oska in as VP. Also, as Oska begins training sessions with Ra Im (after seeing ex-lover Yeun-Sul become Tae-Sun's music manager), Yeun-Sul manipulates Boon-Hong into siding with her for Joo Won's hand in marriage.

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