ska and Jong Su find the truth of Ra Im's and Joo Won's condition hard to accept but easier to believe than the notion of dual insanity. Joo Won (in Ra Im's body) agrees to attend Ra Im's audition date for 'Dark Blood' but only if she agrees to move in with him (a card he'll play often to get what he wants from her). As they train together, recollections of JeJu Island arise, and they surmise that that's where their body-switching problem began. As they explore that idea, Oska embarks on a personal apology tour, making amends for his past immature behavior. While Yeun-Sul and Tae-Sun privately see about fixing the plagiarism suit against him, Yeun-Sul unexpectedly finds herself in a love triangle. Rain arrives, switching bodies back to rightful owners but leaving one in a life-threatening situation.

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