oo Won succeeds at freeing Ra Im from her comatose body, but only Oska and Jong-Su recognize this act as virtual suicide. As Yeun-Sul struggles to understand Oska's evident state of mourning, Ra Im finds herself not only trapped in Joo Won's body but in Joo Won's house, thanks to protective mother Boon-Hong. In a shared dream, Gil Ik Seon hosts a dinner for Joo Won and Ra Im, thanking Joo Won for more than living up to his past promise, and ending his imposed enchantment. Joo Won and Ra Im awaken to find themselves in their respective bodies, but at the cost of Joo Won's adult memories. Having forgotten thirteen years of his own personal history (including all his time with Ra Im), he ends up doomed to repeat it, which Ra Im handles with both surprising poise and cheekiness, knowing they are soul mates no matter what.

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