oo-Won resolves several issues decisively: rehiring a former colleague, asking a rival to stay in Ra-Im's life, and, in the main, finally marrying Ra-Im. In her long but lost struggle to keep Joo-Won and Ra-Im apart, Boon-Hong finally admits defeat; nonetheless, news of their marriage hits hard. From her hospital room she disowns Joo-Won and strips him of all connections to family properties and wealth. Since no one runs the family business better than Joo-Won, he's allowed to retain his position as president, as well as buy the land upon which his designer house is built, but he otherwise remains permanently black listed. Han Tae-Sun also throws in the towel on his attempts to entice Oska, graciously leaving his song as a parting gift for Yeun-Sul as he goes. Five years elapse before Ah Young's last but direst dream finally comes true.

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