rainee social worker Janet Leach is asked by Gloucester police to be the appropriate adult,sitting in on the interrogation of a simple-minded suspect who may not have a full grasp of the law. He is Fred West who,with his wife Rosemary,is accused of killing their daughter and burying her in the garden of their house at 25,Cromwell Street. West claims the death was an accident,of which Rosemary is innocent. However grisly details gradually come to light and West owns to the murders of nine other girls who stayed at the house. Janet soon finds herself intimidated by the intensity of the situation,gutter press overtures,to which her bipolar husband succumbs,and the foul-mouthed threats of Rosemary West. Just as disturbing is the rapport that Fred West believes he has with her,terming her his only friend and telling her things he has not told the police.

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