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White Christmas

73 min


In a remote cabin Joe Potter reluctantly celebrates Christmas with the enigmatic Matt who starts to tell Joe about his previous jobs. In one he guided the nervous Harry into picking up the desirable Jennifer through an implant in the boy's head through which Matt shouted instructions though Matt could not foresee that it would end in disaster. As a result his wife blocked him out of her life via a device which, by pressing a button, completely obliterated the person in question. His next job involved transferring peoples' brains into tiny robotic replicas of themselves through which they could control gadgets but he could control their life span, selling them to the gaming industry. Joe then tells Matt how the love of his life, Bethany, fell pregnant but did not want the baby and blocked him before disappearing. Later, after Bethany's death, Joe sees the child but gets a shock and an even bigger one when he realizes who Matt is and what he has been sent to do. The job done, Matt is also in for an unpleasant surprise.

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