he chair of the Malmo city council is found dead right on the Danish-Swedish border on the Øresund bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo - the corpse cut in half at the waistline. Detective Saga Norén of Malmo CID is applied to the case and soon learns that the lower half of the corpse belongs to a yet unknown Danish woman. She is forced to team up with her Danish colleague Martin Rohde, who is slightly irritated by her unusual manners. At the same time, Göran Söringer is brought to Copenhagen's Rigshospitalet to receive a heart transplant. At arrival he is considered too weak for surgery and the heart ready for him is given to another recipient. His wife Charlotte offers the hospital a new CT scanner if they find her husband a new heart in time. Veronika suffers from the relationship with her violent, drug-dependent husband Sören. Social worker Stefan Lindberg offers her the possibility to start a new life if she is willing to leave Sören behind. Meanwhile Norén and Rohde identify the car that was used to get the corpses onto the bridge. It belongs to Daniel Ferbé, a young journalist. Ferbé finds himself trapped in that very car together with a running clockwork bomb and a few minutes left on the timer just as Norén and Rohde arrive on the scene.

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