ing Uther refuses to set up Morgana as heiress at court when she returns from the nunnery, but she poisons him, banishes queen Igraine and proclaims herself queen. She invites and seduces the realm's worst enemy, king Lot of Lothian, to marry her and subdue all Britain together. They ignore however that sorcerer Merlin, who couldn't cure Uther's poisoning, made him legitimate on his deathbed his secretly raised son, Arthur, born when Igrain was the duke of Corwall's wife and taken away as the sorcerer's reward. Merlin fetches unsuspecting Arthur from his beloved stepfather Ector, and agrees to let immature womanizer Arthur's strong, reliable stepbrother Kay come along. On the way to abandoned Roman coastal castle Camelot, Arthur kills a-in self-defense one of Lot's scout, ignoring it's Lot's prince. Merlin barely manages to keep Arthur committed, as their military inferiority and poor housing dishearten, until the other British rulers arrive, summoned to acknowledge the new king. Lot refuses, orders the knave to return home and punishes his refusal by slitting Kay's mother's throat, then prepares a siege.

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