hen both Dr. Simon Hill and Chaplain Marjorie Plottel are called in to treat and comfort Sgt. Geoffry Daums, a severely injured patient, their worlds threaten to collapse. Simon is on the verge from dealing with guilt and anger over the past that haunts him. And Plottel has lost her faith. Daums, who has suffered a major spinal trauma and may be left quadriplegic, calls on Chaplain Plottel to help him grapple with his own faith. Simon, trying to redeem himself in his own eyes, petitions Col. Marks to allow him to do a risky surgery to help Daums regain use of his arms. Because she promised Daums she wouldn't leave him, Plottel finds herself in the O.R. as Simon tries to work his magic. A friendly repartee turns into deadly barbs as the surgeon and the Padre go toe to toe. As things heat up in the O.R., Majors Rebecca Gordon and Grace Pedersen have to respond quickly at the Women's Clinic when a young Afghan teacher brings in her young charges who have been poisoned and are near death.

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