t's "Kebob's your Uncle Eating Contest" at Kandahar Air force Base. On her way to the festivities Major Rebecca Gordon runs into PJ's Ford and Mehra as they embark on a long flight. Their pilot, USAF Lieutenant Ray Ludford asks her for stimulants before the trip, but Rebecca refuses on personal and professional grounds. A fun day is turned into a nightmare as dozens of military personnel and contestants fall ill due to tainted kebob meat. During the chaos, a call comes in -- a helicopter went down and a severely injured Pilot Ray, Mehra and Ford are brought in on stretchers. As the Flight Surgeon and Colonel Marks fight to save Pilot Ray's life, Rebecca is faced with answering to an investigative committee who threaten to lay the responsibility for the accident at her feet. Meanwhile things heat up with Captain Bobby Trang and Major Suzy Chao. Dr. Simon Hill has to deal with a dispute between his farm tenants and Rebecca's Special Forces Officer comes to see Bobby with a mysterious illness.

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