ate is mediating a dispute between the host of a cooking show who made a very popular barbecue sauce, and the company he made a deal with to manufacture it. Kate eventually learns that the host is not the actual creator but his producer who prefers to stay anonymous. But a man shows up who says he's the producer's father and the true creator of the sauce and demands his share. Kate learns that her father abused her which is why she keeps a low profile. Lauren tries to get all of her late husband's clients to stay with them. And she meets with one who's clearly a chauvinist, who decides he doesn't want her to handle his business. Lauren turns to her step-son, Spencer for help and he gives her some advice. And Justin's boss is pressuring to close a case of trespassing wherein a guy broke into a house he thought was his. Justin makes a plea deal but his boss is not satisfied with it and tells him to speak to the owner of the house that was broken to. Justin learns the owner is a friend of his boss and that she's acting out of spite and paranoia because the man has a criminal history.

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