ngry that useless geology lecturer Dan has given an internship to Howard and not him,Kingsley makes a formal complaint against him. On a field trip to the Pennines J.P. gets stuck climbing up a rock face and Kingsley refuses to help him until J.P. admits that Heather saw him in the shower,after which J.P. falls on Kingsley,whom Dan,irate to learn of the complaint,leaves behind.Josie keeps her bad news secret from everybody except Heather,who helps her try and raise a petition for her reinstatement and,when this fails, Josie asks Heather to also botch a dental operation so that the equipment will be blamed but Heather,noting that Josie and Kingsley are getting close again,refuses. Howard fails to get any more sex with Sabine,Vod uses other people's urine samples as she needs to pass a drugs test for her funding to continue and Oregon has a lovely day with Dylan - until she learns that Tony Shales is his father.

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