um and Dad are having a clear-out, and Dad's been ordered to chuck away all his tatty, old magazines. "Why do you keep all this crap?" says Mum. "It's not crap, " says Dad, "they're collectibles." Dad tells Jonny to secretly hide his magazines in his car and look after them back at his flat. Meanwhile, neighbor Jim has been using the family's toilet, as he mysteriously broke his own loo. Jim keeps interrupting dinner with a call to nature, and Adam has to keep letting him in. Dad has forgotten that he asked a man off ebay to come and pick up their old sofabed, and when the man turns up, Mum is livid that her meal is ruined. The sofabed weighs a ton, and as they carry it downstairs, it gets stuck on the staircase. Mum and Adam are stranded upstairs. How will they ever get down? And will Mum ever get to see her precious Masterchef?

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