aul and Ruth leave Marchlands, Ruth vowing to return. After they have gone Evelyn tells Robert she knows all about his affair with Liz Runcie,Olive's mother and makes him reveal the true details of Alice's death,which they decide to keep secret so as not to destroy the family. In 1987 Helen sees Alice,who saves Scott after he has had a fit in his bath. She says nothing but agrees the family should move out. Eddie takes Amy to see Alice's grave before they go,to prove that he believes her. She tells him that Alice writes ASKOR on surfaces,and in 2010 Ruth sees the same messages,realising it means ASK O.R. - or Olive Runcie. Olive then tells Ruth that Alice died after running away when she caught Robert and Liz having sex. Nisha and Mark arrive to console Ruth as she tases their baby into the woods. With the truth revealed the ghost is lain to rest.

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