old wants to get back to the real world and Belle so he agrees to help Emma get to Hook with the aid of his ex-wife, Hook's former lover, Mila. While they are on their way to save Hook, Hades is torturing him slowly while lowering him into the River of Lost Souls. Regina works with Cruella to master her magic in the twisted world of "Underbrook". She is in search of Daniel's grave with the hope that he is not trapped there as well. Gold and Mila stay with the boat while Emma rushes to save Hook. Hades appears and proposes a deal with Gold to leave everyone behind while he goes back to the real world. Gold stays true to form and accepts the deal and thrusts Mila into the river of lost souls. Regina and Snow come across a hurt horse and Regina uses her magic to heal it and in doing so she regains control of her magic. Emma, Snow and Regina have their names carved into headstones leaving them trapped in the underworld and unable to perform the heart split to save Hook Hades of course changes the deal on Gold because Belle is pregnant with Gold's child who was given away in a deal to save Baewolf when he was a child. Hades has bought the contract from the dead shaman who had the original contract and now controls Gold with the threat of taking the child himself.

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