n 1956 pushy young BBC TV reporter Freddie Lyon,bored with covering celebrity banquets and debutantes' weddings,applies,with his more self-effacing platonic colleague Bel Rowley,to be on the new news magazine series 'The Hour' but loses out on the job of presenter to the suave,older Hector Madden. Bel however is given the producer's job and uses this to engage Freddie as home affairs correspondent with an assistant,would-be sketch writer Isaac Wengow. Dauntless foreign correspondent Lix Storm,who reported on the Spanish civil war,also joins the team. A man called Peter Darrall has been stabbed to death on the London underground and,whilst the police treat this as a robbery,newly-wed debutante Ruth Elms, a mutual friend of his and Freddie's,is unconvinced and asks Freddie to investigate. On the night of 'The Hour''s launch party Freddie gets an urgent phone call from Ruth,whom he finds hanged.

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