el is back at The Hour with gruff new head of news Randall Brown,a man with whom Lix clearly has history,replacing the jailed Clarence. Hector is still neglecting Marnie to frequent a Soho club which fronts sex parties and where he picks up actress Kiki Delaine though it is under police observation. He frequently arrives late for work and annoys colleagues with his cavalier attitude. Bel is both pleased and annoyed when Freddie returns from Paris,brought in behind her back to co-present with Hector,who has been warned he must improve or face the sack. Hector feels threatened by the younger man. ITV news programmer Bill Kendall,however,is impressed when,at a press conference supposedly to discuss civil defence, Hector and Freddie,using a document leaked by Hector's army chum police commander Stern,accuse the minister of shaving the much needed police budget to pay for nuclear weapons. Bel gets a shock when,visiting Freddie,he introduces her to Camille,his new French wife.

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