hilst Marnie gets a job as a television chef and is considered an ideal housewife,Hector is arrested for beating up Kiki. With nobody else anxious to help him Bel does some sleuthing at the El Paradis club and finds that Kiki poses for nude photos and suspects that perhaps she was assaulted by a jealous boyfriend. She is right but he is very high profile and when Hector is released he is unaware of his identity. Nonetheless Hector returns to the club after Marnie has told him that from now on theirs will be a marriage in name only. Freddie courts controversy by announcing that,given the current climate of colour prejudice,he will host a discussion between Sissy's boyfriend,black doctor Ola and a boy with fascist leanings. The doctor's eloquence humiliates the racist and the broadcast is deemed a success. Randall warns Bill Kendall off trying to poach Hector but Bel finds herself being charmed by Bill.

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