reddie takes Camille to El Paradis but Kiki is not there and noone seems to know her whereabouts. Some nights later he returns alone and,although he is ejected,he spots Kiki and follows her home to an opulent flat. Whilst she will not speak to him he suspects that Stern is keeping her. He also finds out that the flat is owned by Pike,his own landlord who is driving out sitting tenants in order to bring in immigrants and charge exorbitant rents. Freddie realises that Cilente,the shady owner of El Paradis,has Stern in his pocket and tries to convince Hector. Whilst Hector finds it hard to think badly of an old friend he chairs a discussion on the government's failure to decriminalize homosexuality. Stern is speaking against its legitimacy and Hector uses the opportunity to claim that he believes the police force is condoning heterosexual vice. At the office party Hector and Marnie put up a show but Bel ends up kissing Bill.

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