ix and Randall get a letter from France implying that their teen-aged daughter is alive. Camille walks out on Freddie,claiming that he prefers his job and Bel to her,but Bel goes on a date with Bill. Hector tries in vain to persuade Stern to hand Cilenti over to the law but Stern,refuses,alleging that it would ruin him. Hector gives him a week in which to make up his mind. Bel persuades El Paradis showgirl Rosa Maria to blow the whistle on Cilenti,including his and Pike's part in the shady arms deal. However in the meantime NcCain offers Hector a scoop,the resignation of the chancellor of the exchequer,which 'The Hour' runs instead. Only afterwards do the news team work out that McCain has his own agenda and Bel fears that Cilenti may have got to Rosa Maria.

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