ith Marnie enjoying her own cookery programme Hector agrees to move to ITV for a larger salary,partly as a sop to Manie as he is infertile. Lix and Randall visit the French embassy but there is no news of their daughter. Bel is appalled to read that Rosa Maria has been killed,assuredly on Cilenti's orders and wants to stop the investigation,claiming that,as journalists,they should uncover the truth. Freddie confronts Stern to no avail but Randall presents McCain with photos that will reveal his homosexuality and is rewarded with news that members of the arms company are meeting at El Paradis. Freddie,Hector and Bel turn up and see that Satchell,the government defence minister,is part of the meeting. Before Freddie can discover more Stern leads a raid on the club.

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