he club is raided and Stern arrests Cilenti for Rosa Maria's murder but he is released on bail.Next day tabloid front pages name Hector as being caught in the raid and mention his alleged attack on Kiki. As a result Bill cancels his ITV contract,ending things between himself and Bel. Marnie,however,stands by Hector and,to his surprise,announces that she is pregnant. McCain tells the journalists that the government leaked Hector's presence at the club to the press as a face saving exercise,making Freddie determined to follow through the story. He gets Kiki to the studio where Hector interviews her and she reveals everything about Cilenti's blackmail ring,his part in blackmailing the defence secretary into giving his company the tender to build nuclear bases and the corrupt policemen who visit the club. 'The Hour' has triumphed in bringing down a corrupt empire but Freddie is captured by Cilenti and his heavies and badly beaten up. As his battered body is thrown in front of the studio Bel rushes to be with him.

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