aving possibly ruined a long-term terrorist investigation, Linden and Holder face the prospect of having their case shut down completely. The Feds aren't cooperating so Linden takes matters into her own hands, confirming that a key piece of evidence, Rosie's sweater, is at the scene. Shut out of the case as a result, it's left to Holder to suggest a solution on how they might go forward. Darren Richmond meanwhile attends the parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed his wife. He decides to release the information they've obtained on the Mayor's extra-curricular activities. Linden's personal life is in a shambles. Her fiancé is refusing to return her calls and her son Jack is lashing out at what he sees as his mother's lack of interest in him. Mitch and Stan Larsen's relationship begins to deteriorate after they begin to blame each other for happened to Rosie.

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