inden and Holder continue their search for the man man with the odd tattoo. They eventually identify him as Alexi Giffords, a young man with a long juvenile record who lived in foster care for 10 years. They also find that he lives 3 blocks from the Larsens. They're also keeping an eye on Stan Larsen and begin to wonder if he is back with the mob. Stan goes to pick-up Belko Royce's remains only to learn that Janek has already taken care of it. Holder tell Linden that he thought the incriminating photo of Richmond was legit and he just put his trust in the wrong people. Darren Richmond meanwhile begins his therapy and the Mayor pays him a visit, promising to support him in the next election. As if she doesn't have enough on her hands, Linden learns from her ex-husband's attorney that he will be seeking joint custody.

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