older and Linden learn that Alexi Giffords' father was killed by Stan Larsen when Stan was still doing muscle work for Janek. They arrest him but Lt. Carlson gives them only 8 hours to get a confession. Alexi denies any involvement in Rosie's death but the police realize Rosie was in trouble having found a voice mail message from her saying 'I saw him again'. Alexi says Rosie had also learned a family secret. Mitch has yet to contact anyone in the family and her parents are worried. They're also openly questioning whether Stan is fit to take care of the boys. Mitch gets to know the teenage girl from the motel and buys her lunch. Darren Richmond decides to drop out of the race for mayor, much to Jamie's consternation. At the end of a long day, Sarah gets back to the motel to find her ex-husband there waiting for her.

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