inden has to fight Lt. Carlson to get the police out to search for Holder. He's not keen to go onto Indian tribal lands but Holder is found alive though severely injured. Linden pays a heavy price however. Linden keeps Holder's rendezvous with the young woman who found and returned Rosie's backpack. She tells Linden exactly what Rosie was doing at the casino that night. Richmond leaves the hospital with 5 days to go before the election. Gwen and Jamie tell him he's he's losing by 7 points and either has to tell the public where he was the night of Rosie's murder or make some type of grand gesture. After his television appeal, Stan Larsen receives a number of tips about his daughter's murder but Linden doesn't put any faith in the information he's received. Stan learns that Linden had good reason to be skeptical. Linden decides to send her son to live with his father.

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