allie's mother Danette tells her boyfriend Joe Mills that she's starting to worry about Kallie. He tells her she has nothing to worry about. The police continue their search for Joe. Mama Dips denies even knowing him but Linden sees through her and determines the relationship between the two. They also learn that she twice called Joe at Danette's trailer. By the time they search Danette's trailer he is nowhere to be found. They get a solid lead when a teenager reports nearly hitting a badly injured girl with his car. They trace her steps and find a bloodied biohazard bag - but no victim. As they continue to search the city, they find blood evidence suggesting she may have gone to the teen shelter. There's no sign of her there but Bullet shows them where she might be staying. When they do catch up the girl, they find it's not Kallie. Danette's mother makes a horrifying discovery.

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