inden and Holder question the girl they found, Angie Gower. She was badly beaten and had several of her fingers severed . She says her attacker was soft-spoken and said he was going to save her. She doesn't recognize any of the suspects' photos, including Joe Mills. Holder is beginning to think they're looking for the wrong guy. A terrified Danette Lutz goes to the police station to speak to them about what she's found. Linden has little respect for her but Joe Mills has disappeared. Linden wants to get permission for Adrian to visit his father in prison but his foster parents won't hear of it. Information from them lead Linden and Holder to the apartment where Seward's wife was killed and Linden is now convinced Adrian saw the killer. Skinner isn't impressed however. At the prison, Seward faces someone from his past and gets an unexpected visitor.

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