ith his secrets unveiled, Pastor Mike takes Linden prisoner and they drive around the city. Linden manages to keep her radio on and the police are able to locate them. Linden believes him when he says he's not the serial killer and forensic analysis of his car seems to suggest he is innocent. Bullet is frantic over the missing Lyric, convinced that Pastor Mike has taken her. She tells Holder Mike has taken her to the woods where they found the killing field. The police diverted resources to look for her and it's apparent Bullet lied when they find Lyric out hustling on the street. For Bullet, Lyric's reaction to what she's done for her isn't quite what she was expecting. She talks to Angie Gower. At the prison, Seward pleads with his lawyer to do something, anything, based on Linden's belief that he is not guilty of killing his wife. The lawyer says nothing can be done.

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