lickman meets Gabriel,telling him that Gatehouse will give him the answers he needs but to beware that Gatehouse will use his 'secrets' to hurt him. Gabriel assumes that this means his ex-mistress Alison and her son and,after visiting retired commander Penney and mentioned 'Counterpoint' as instructed by Glickman, Gabriel is visited by Gatehouse at Alison's flat. Gatehouse explains that he killed Delaney because he was corrupt and deliberately spared Gabriel himself. He is interrupted by Glickman and,in a further shoot-out,Alison's son is killed and Gatehouse wounded. As Gabriel's memory slowly returns he realizes that the trunk of money contains marked notes,used by the police,used by Delaney to sell drugs to the force,for whom Harvey Wratten was working.He tells Patterson,who warns him that their superior Commander Khokar is not to be trusted. Meanwhile Bede's henchman tips Beatty off about Bede's upcoming deal with Babur and Petra,having killed Glickman,attempts to murder Gatehouse in his hospital room but he turns the tables on her.

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