hirteen-year-old Ra'Nell watches from his high rise balcony on the Summerhouse estate as local drug pushers Dushane and Sully are robbed by of their wares by rivals the London Fields Gang. When Ra'Nell's single parent Lisa collapses in the street and is admitted to hospital to cure her own drug addiction her friend and case-worker Leon tells Ra'Nell he will not go into care providing he behaves and the boy moves in with his friend Gem and his heavily-pregnant mother Heather. Dushane and Sully work their way up the drug hierarchy,recruiting Gem as a peddler,stabbing one rival with secateurs and chopping off another's fingers. However the London Fields Group retaliate,robbing them again and leaving them in debt to and at the mercy of their boss,drugs lord Bobby Raikes. Heather,meanwhile,asks Ra'Nell to look after her marijuana-growing project when she goes to hospital to give birth.

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