ushane is shocked that Sully still has the gun which killed three people but he refuses to go along with Raikes' plan to sell him out as a liability. Overhearing Vincent,Heather's Vietnamese buyer,refusing to give her the price she wants for her weed,Ra'Nell persuades Dushane to pay the required rate and shows him a sample of its quality. Heather goes to hospital and gives birth,admitting to Lisa how she involved Ra'Nell in her scheme. Lisa rings Leon,who tries to prevent Sully from stealing the marijuana from Ra'Nell but in the fight that follows Sully shoots and kills Leon.Dushane visits Raikes on the pretext of giving Sully up but shoots him and makes it look like suicide. He gives Ra'Nell the money for the weed,which he passes on to Heather and,as Ra'Nell,Gem and Gem's girlfriend Chantelle go into business with Vincent,Dushane,having got Raikes out of the way,is now the kingpin of the estate's drug-peddling industry, the Top Boy.

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