t's been months since the plane crash that nearly claimed Mel's life - and he hasn't set foot in a cockpit since. But when he learns from Bobby and Caitlin that Nelson has gone missing, Mel finds the courage to get back in the air. Bobby is picking up the hunters that Nelson was supposed to be guiding, but when he and Caitlin arrive, Nelson is nowhere to be found. A search ensues and they find Nelson, shot and barely conscious. Turns out, the hunters weren't there to hunt caribou after all. Now Bobby, Caitlin and Nelson are on the run and have to get back to the plane before the hunters get to them. Back at Arctic Air, Krista and Astrid are forced to transport high-paying executive clients in the DC-3 after the helicopter is grounded with mechanical problems. The executives are less than pleased with the downgrade and things go from bad to worse when the DC-3 loses elevator control and Cece has to give Alex a crash course in mid-air repair.

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