tephen recovers in hospital and returns to the army camp at Amiens. Here he comforts a drunk Jack,desolate after the death of his young son. He also reencounters Isabelle who,after an idyllic few months with him,left to return to her children. She is widowed and wounded by the war and not especially welcoming. Next day an ill-conceived attack on the German trenches wipes out scores of British soldiers and Stephen is again wounded. Two years later he learns that Isabelle has died,weakened by her injuries. He takes part in another abortive task to tunnel under German lines but the whole party is killed except him and Jack,who,despite Stephen's efforts to keep him alive,dies,stating that all there is in life is to love and be loved. Soon after that the war ends and Stephen visits Isabelle's sister Jeanne,who is raising Isabelle's youngest child. Stephen is the father and he prepares to introduce himself to the little girl.

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