he gangland truce in Brüteville City between Tannhauser and Racken is short lived as Tannhauser wants Gunter to hit a Jewish run jewelry store solely because they are paying Racken protection money as their unofficial security. In the process, Tannhauser wants Gunter to kill Martine as he knows she is being unfaithful to him, unaware that she is being unfaithful with Gunter, and that she is pregnant. The robbery does not go according to plan, with Gunter shot in the face, and captured by the police. Following Gunter's reconstructive surgery and recuperation, Police Commissioner Eva Braden believes she is able to convince Gunter to work for them in nabbing Tannhauser, as she shows him that it was not the police but Martine who shot him. If he does work for the police, he will be partnered with Lt. Karl Hagerman, whose previous partner Gunter killed in the robbery, and whose face was transplanted onto Gunter's destroyed one. But Gunter may still prove to be unwilling to work for the enemy. Conversely, both Tannhauser and Racken's men may want to kill Gunter, unaware that it is him, solely because he is a police detective.

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