usan Wheeler is a third year med student who starts her surgical rotation at a Memorial Hospital and finds that an acquaintance, Nancy Greenly, is one of the patients and is now in a coma after undergoing a relatively minor procedure. She checks past files and finds that there are an abnormally large number of similar cases where relatively healthy people have gone into a coma after surgery. She thinks there's a connection with the Jefferson Institute, a long-term care facility. The more she looks into the comas the stranger her life gets: the assistant Chief of Staff tries to get her fired; her roommate is expelled; the nurse who had given her access to the files she reviewed is fired; and her supervisor, Dr. Mark Bellows, is set up for a drug bust. Clearly someone will go to any lengths to stop her. She is on the verge of being dismissed from the hospital when Chief of Staff Howard Stark steps in to protect her.

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