fter Veronica, the false Martha, falls to her death, presumably a staged suicide, from her hotel John Ross is arrested as sole murder suspect, having been seen leaving there, while her video camera there has disappeared. Vicente Cano, whose goons probably did it after John Ross told him she stole from them, repeats during a jail visit his threat to foreclose on Southfork unless the contractual oil delivery is made in time and has a Latino prison gang beat John Ross into the infirmary. JR interrupts his Vegas operation to visit John Ross secretly. Desperate to save her son, Sue Ellen blackmail the medical examiner to falsely rule Veronica's death a suicide. Alas unaware of that, Christopher made a deal with the Venezuelans, who get the South American rights to his inestimable hydrates extraction technique, which he refused to sell for a fortune to Exxon. The cousins feel buddies again. The baby's ultrasound and Rebecca's clean criminal record motivate Chris to give his marriage another chance. Tommy is back, demanding more then the rings she gave him. Anne promises him a job on her sister's ranch, ignoring he threatens to reveal Becca isn't his sister but an ex.

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