espite hot sex, John Ross and Pamela Barnes watch each-other like hawks. He takes JR's advice to convince Sue Ellen Elena broke their son's heart by marrying Christopher, so she'll call the loan for the Henderson drilling, clearing the way to demand her Ewing Oil shares as contractual security. Christopher proves to Rebecca that Pam lied to them and her brother, who was probably murdered in Pam's old apartment. Instead of actually testifying in court, she demands a million hush money from Pamela. Elena's unruly brother Drew is back to carry out their father's dream, striking oil. JR tempts Frank to defect, as his Barnes loyalty is poorly rewarded now Pamela takes his place as Cliff's right hand. Bobby gets Ryland's mother to admit they abducted Emma to England and poisoned her mind against Anne. She overhears them, goes visit Harris, who smugly confirms, and shoots him, while unsuspecting Bobby gets JR to promise a masterpiece of revenge as the statutory limitation has expired.

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