fter losing her job at the law firm, Hannah decides to head back to Michigan for the weekend. On the surface, it's to help her parents celebrate their 30th anniversary, but it's also because she needs money from them to pay rent. Quickly upon her arrival, she has a quietly antagonistic relationship with them if only because she feels they are trying to dictate a more stable and secure life for her. However, she feels she needs some stability - or at least to know what that feels like - as she reconnects with some high school friends and acquaintances. One is coffee shop barista Heather Travis, who, like Hannah, has dreams of leaving East Lansing for bigger and better things. The other is Eric, who is now in the family business as an owner pharmacist. Her encounters with these two show Hannah if she really can ever go back home again, even if she wanted. Hannah also ditches her parents anniversary celebration, which allows them to let loose. They find that although they are still energetic, they have to be aware that they are thirty years older than when they first married.

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