nvestigating Rose's murder Sav is relieved to find that the only witness to his escape cannot identify him. He becomes involved in a domestic dispute,empathising with husband Brendan,who is also denied access to his child,but Brendan is also a possible witness and Sav,whilst helping Brendan, is keen to establish that he saw nothing. Jonjo Heinz,another of Finch's gang,comes to the police station to admit that he knew the two dead men but denies being one of Andy's attackers,which Sav knows to be untrue. Breaking into Heinz's house Sav sees he is ready to flee and takes his passport but DCI Costello is intrigued by Sav's unnatural persistence in wanting to nail Heinz. Having taken photos of Cassie and their child Sav is confronted by Cassie who wants the photos back. He posts them to her and looking at them seems to strike a chord with her about herself and Sav.

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