fter Alisha was tragically murdered in last season's final episode, and Simon traveled back in time to when he sacrificed his life to save hers, Curtis and Rudy continue their community service. Seth returns to pick up Kelly's belongings, as they have decided to move to Africa after a visit where Kelly realized she could use her power to deconstruct land mines. Two new offenders join the community service team: Jess, who has X-ray vision, and Finn, who is a telekinetic. The new offenders quickly realize something is not right. Rudy, Curtis, and Seth (and eventually Jess and Finn), have been infected with some sort of virus after a badly hurt man, with a briefcase handcuffed to him, stumbles into the community center and collapses at their feet. The group becomes so obsessed with obtaining the briefcase, that they're ready to murder each other over it. Finally, as the group tries to get the briefcase from Finn on the roof, the hurt man lunges for it and falls to his death, ending the virus. The new probation officer finally arrives, and is creepy and, possibly psychotic. Finn goes home, and we see that he has a girl bound and gagged in his flat.

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