udy is shocked to see his father Geoff (whom he had told he was at university) having sex publicly with another woman, Tina. Later, in company with Jess, Rudy sees Geoff threaten Tina and on a further visit they see him cleaning blood from the floor and burning her clothes. Determined to get to the truth Rudy goes for a drink with Geoff, who explains that, following the storm, he has the power to clone himself (like Rudy, though Rudy keeps quiet about that) and there is a bad Geoff, who has not killed Tina but stolen her money. Jess and Rudy help the good Geoff to restore Tina's money to her and, after the bad clone has tricked Geoff's wife Pat into having sex with him, they overpower him. The balance restored, Rudy tells his parents Jess is his girlfriend, thus dispelling their suspicion that he was gay. Abby finds a purple scarf with an enticing smell, which leads her to a girl called Laura, with whom she hits it off whilst at the support group Rudy 2 meets Sam, who claims he can fly - rather like one of the figures on Maggie's sweater - and Tim, who believes he lives in a violent computer game.

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