udy 2 tells Rudy 1 that he wants them to live separate lives so he can be with Helen and, along with Abby, throws a party to celebrate their 'birth' days. Alex brings along Sara, the latest person whom he has relieved of their power but unfortunately he takes an ecstasy tablet, unaware that this will reverse his power so, after sex with Sara, she has taken on all the bad powers Alex has removed from others and Finn has to bring his telekinesis into play to save the group from her. Rudy 2 is pleased to meet his trio of super-heroes from the jumper, Helen who uses electricity to devastating effect, Karen who can become invisible and Sam, who can fly. They come in handy saving Rudy when Tim, who inhabits the computer game world, goes haywire and tries to kill him. Jess is less thrilled though when Maggie's latest knitwear shows her holding a baby.

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