om is elected prime minister to the annoyance of his rivals. He tells Ellis he is determined to get the evidence from PetroFex denied Ashcroft though he believes his death was suicide. Tony Fossett tells Tom that Dermot Matthews,one of the blast victim's body was contaminated with a substance called PFX-44. In the meantime a link with the blowing up of the plane is made with Al-Quaeda chief Tamin Al-Ghamdi and Tom watches as an air strike kills Al-Ghamdi in Afghanistan. Agnes is unhappy with her spying role,believing Laura has it in for Tony,and tells Piers Jupp,who recruited her,but he tells her she has no cause for doubt. Tom decides to go after Petro-Fex boss Paul Clark and demand what PFX-44 is. He is told that it is a lightweight drone fuel though it turns out it was used in the plane that killed Al-Ghamdi,causing Tom to believe it was a ploy to involve him in conspiracy. Then he is told that the air strike actually took place in Iran,whose government is not happy.

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