espite their respective roles in the production, the seeming battle between Ivy and Karen continues into the workshop. Ivy is mad since she wasn't told previously that Karen would be in the ensemble. Ivy, despite or because she knows Karen is talented, does whatever she can to ensure that Karen gets as little work in the background as possible. Karen is mad as she learns that Ivy and Derek are in a sexual relationship, something she knows she could have had with Derek if she wanted, and something she knows got Ivy the part regardless of talent. She is also mad because of the stunts Ivy is pulling to minimize her work. Regardless, Karen is determined to be the best ensemble player ever, without truly understanding what that really means. Karen ultimately gets some unexpected support in making her way through her first ever Broadway musical ensemble. Meanwhile, Derek is throwing a birthday party for former Broadway child actor and now television star Lyle West. The party adds another layer of bad will between Tom and Derek as Tom doesn't like that Derek is taking credit for Lyle, who was really his find. Eileen continues to have problems raising the $200,000 just to fund the workshop. She contemplates selling a cherished and sentimental personal possession, which may be more difficult than she anticipates. However, some creative financing may be just around the corner in Derek's apartment. And the sexual tension continues between Julia and Michael.

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