usan and her family have moved to India for her husband's posting whilst Alice, though acquitted of murder, finds work impossible to obtain. Also unemployed Millie runs a nice line in selling black market goods but is abducted and her flat ransacked - though she has hidden wads of her cash in her cooker. Alice, Jean and Lucy look for Millie's business associate Jasper but he has vanished and they surmise that he has fled after cheating his bosses. The women learn that these are the Maltese Magros family, headed by the formidable Marta and they are looking for money appropriated by Jasper. Marta lets Millie go on condition she turns a hefty profit for her but the other women want Millie to turn her back on the whole affair. Millie however is concerned that the Magros are bringing in young Czech girls as sex slaves and wants to stop them. Then they find that Jasper has been murdered.

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